Freejazz Radical

Cadence Magazine

By: Michael Rosenstein

Disk (7) is titled “Free Jazz Radicals” and presents music from a pool of musicians who began to delve in to the Free Jazz tradition in 2004. The recording mostly features the trio Zero Point. This trio has recorded a set of Albert Ayler pieces which was released on Ayler records and their allegiance to the Free Jazz tradition is in evi- dence throughout. The three manage to invest the music with a vital energy with Bringas’ skirling reeds and braying trumpet caterwaul- ing against thrumming bass and Lauber’s roiling polyrhythms. The group “¿?” is featured on a short interlude and one longer improvi- sation. The pairing of Bringas’ and Zimmerman’s trumpets against Alegre’s sawing violin and Lauber’s churning drums provides a potent blast. While both clearly come to their instruments as second horns, they play with an unfettered directness and physicality. When Bringas switches to piano, his brittle percussive clusters add an effective textural depth. By evidence of this CD, both of these groups would be great to hear in a live performance. Featured CDs by each are certainly warranted.